Volokas Book Matching Marble


Volakas Book Matching Marble showcases exquisite veining patterns when two slabs are mirrored to create a symmetrical design. Originating from Greece, this marble features a white background with subtle gray veining, offering a timeless elegance. Ideal for luxurious interior designs, such as countertops and wall cladding, it adds sophistication to any space. Renowned for its premium quality and craftsmanship, Volakas Book Matching Marble epitomizes the beauty of natural stone. Its ability to create stunning visual effects makes it a coveted choice for high-end architectural projects.

SIZES AVAILABLE IN CMS (30x60, 60x60, 80x80, 120x120)
Random Slabs and Blocks of different sizes are also available.
Note: Custom sizes are tailored to individual measurements.

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